About the Author

me-at-women-in-tylerAs the wife of a college student, a young mother of two daughters, and no college degree, Liza sought a means for providing some income for her family. She became an Avon Lady. It did not take long for her to realize her gift was not in sales! Although generating little money, she would spend an hour at a time in someone’s home and be told over and over, “I don’t know why I am telling you this. I have not said this to anyone.” This is how she discovered her true gift of being a compassionate listener. When she returned to school herself, she obtained her degrees in social work and counseling.

After becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor, Liza founded the Center of Well-Being in Lindale in 1985. She actively consults with businesses, churches, and holistic medical practices while providing workshops and training throughout the country and on an international basis.

Liza is the entertaining and inspiring author of See More Love, Hear More Love, Feel More Love, a delightfully simple and clear manual to discovering your love style and enhancing couple communication. She is also a contributing author to More Random Acts of Kindness, and Spiritual Autographs-Southern Women tell their Stories.

Liza has had an extensive career as an adult educator. She was a psychology instructor at Tyler Junior College, she taught organization and wellness at a five-state leadership program, and taught intercultural communication at the University of Texas at Tyler.

Liza has been a very active member of the East Texas community for over 35 years. She is a former executive board member with the Mental Health Association, she was the community chair of the Random Acts of Kindness Committee for three years, is a former member of the Board of Directors of the East Texas Crisis Center, and an active member of the Art of Peace committee. Liza was also a Congressional Consultant for a five state district for six years.

In 2004, Liza’s private counseling practice made a dramatic turn. By witnessing the struggle of her own parent’s as they neared the end of life she became acutely aware of the needs and suffering that can be present. Her “calling” became clear. She is now committed to being a voice for love and kindness at the end of life. She is passionate about opening dialogue around grief, dignity, forgiveness, death and dying.

“We are poorly equipped for dealing with loss in our culture. As with anything else we don’t know how to do, we avoid it at all costs. Yet, if we love, we will experience loss and  grief.” Liza hopes her message will give others the tools for being with loss so “they won’t be trying to learn how to use a hammer when the roof is falling down around them.”

Liza’s has been about gathering stories of what “works” to serve as models and roadmaps. Her  published book, Conscious Acts of Grace—Gifts of Love and Kindness at the End-of-Life shares her passion of how to be with our loved ones with pure love and generosity. At a time when many of her friends are retiring, she is excited about this new focus and direction to her career.

In 2018, Liza fulfilled her life-time dream of moving to the mountains of North Carolina. She continues to offer her services as a Life Coach.


“Wonderful, refreshing, fulfilling, liberating, awesome!” -K.

“What makes me appreciate you the most is the way you balance your intelligence and heart. No one else I know can listen to a pupil, client, seeker of advice, etc. and make the person feel like the best friend – your best friend. You add such warmth to your knowledge that the lesson or information is never learned, it is soaked up.” -K.A.

Liza is one of the best. She brings her material to life. –J. W.

“Your insight into the needs of our organization, enabled you to provide a skillful weaving of affirming humor, interesting and educational material that has resulted in a stronger, more bonded team exhibiting a resurgence of enthusiasm and innovation in our programs.” –N.P., Canadian Mental Health Association, Salmon Arm, B.C.

“This was one of the best workshops of this type I’ve ever attended. I have understood more today, and enjoyed it.!” –K. H., Trinity Mother Frances Hospital, Tyler, Texas

“Great material. Your presentation was outstanding.” –J. C., Trinity Mother Frances Hospital, Tyler, Texas

“The response to your talk was so fabulous and almost everyone said it was their favorite section of the (30 hour) course.” –N. B., Hospice of East Texas

“There are certain people that distinguish themselves above all the rest, and Liza Ely is definitely an individual whom I will always remember as an outstanding professional and caring person.” -Dr. Vickie Geisel, Tyler Junior College

“Your session – as always – got great reviews. We appreciate you as a person, a professional, and a presenter!” –V. S.,Conference Co-Chair East Texas Network for Children

“Thank you for enriching the leadership experience for me with your gifts of serenity, thoughtfulness, caring, gentleness, grace, and inner beauty that speaks to everyone around you.” -J.

“It is RARE to encounter a person who embodies the healing powers of self love that you so freely shared with me during our recent leadership experience. The overwhelming sense of well-being that I am feeling has already impacted my marriage and my role as a father. My commitment to always being WHOLE must be attributed in no small way to the gifts you have given me, to the tools, to the process, to the actualization! PLEASE never tire of changing the lives of everyone you encounter.” -D.