Celebration of Jonnae’s Life

A few months ago, I met the most remarkable woman at a conference. I was in awe as I listened to her courage and commitment to live the legacy of her daughter, Jonnae. When I was telling her about Celebration Circles, she told me about the one she created for her Jonnae. I am blessed to be able to share Denise Taylor’s words and the video of Jonnae’s Celebration Circle:
Jonnae had suffered a seizure after a second relapse of leukemia and a high dose of steroids to buy her a little more time. The prognosis was that we had come to the end of the road. She awoke one morning frustrated at how she had “thought she was a star” in a dream.

Through Jonnae’s three year battle with leukemia, I had been guided by a voice within that gave me wisdom, strength, and direction that was divine. Something more than me on my own. That inner voice instructed me to make her a star. Not to wait until after she had passed to have friends and family come from out of town to mourn her, but to have them come celebrate her and show their love while she was still with us. We had been given the news her “Heavenly Birth” was near. Why not make her dream of being a star come true? So we did.

It was a bitter sweet day of love and celebration shared with 1000 attendees, half of them dressed in Wacky Wednesday attire. (Wacky Wednesday is another piece of Jonnae’s legacy. A program we are initiating into childrens hospitals to replace the seriousness and sickness with silliness one day a week, giving the patients something to look forward to) This video shows us administering the best medicine, laughter and love. Be inspired by Jonnae’s sweet spirit and embrace the gift of every day!

Celebration of Life for Jonnae


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