Workshops and Retreats

Liza offers life changing retreats and workshops that are both inspirational and practical. They are custom designed for your group.

Follow the paths below to see some of the possible offerings and opportunities:

As a Key-Note Speaker, Motivational Speaker, or Workshop Leader, Liza brings life and fresh ideas to your conference or event. She speaks at professional conferences, as well as spiritual and wellness events.

Possible topics include:
Conscious Acts of Grace
Let’s look at how we can be with one another with joy, forgiveness, and kindness at the end of life.
Celebration Circles – A Living Tribute for our Loved Ones
Experience the heart of a Celebration Circle, as well as learn the step-by-step process for creating this loving, living tribute.

Wellness Journey, a Holistic Approach to Living
Explore the heart of wellness, honoring yourself. All aspects of your being- physical, emotional, mental, relationships, life work, fun, financial, and spiritual – all interweave into a life of wellness.

Simply Living or How to Be a PREVIE
Discarding external and internal pressure to excel and produce, you can choose a life of simplicity. You can listen to your heart and honor your spirit by moving towards a life of value, self-direction, and celebration. Learn from others who have chosen simplicity by being Proactive, Respectful, Engaged in a Vision, Interdependent Earthlings.

Attraction, Love, and Commitment – Name Your State
When driving your Inner-State, are you arriving at your desired destination? Using the model of Personal State Profiling (PSP), Liza will guide you in looking at attraction in relationships. What draws you to be with a particular person? What relationship needs and desires do you have?

Driving Your Inner-State
Using the model of Personal State Profiling (PSP), you will learn how to heal those vulnerable parts of yourself while accessing your healthy selves. This is a powerful tool for living your life on purpose.

Comments from participant’s evaluations:

“You were very encouraging and found something positive in all our activities.”

“More than I expected–when I heard ‘team building’ I was thinking more classroom/small group/writing/talking activities. I totally enjoy the game foundation!”

“It was great ALL day”!

“With this presentation, ‘More would be better.’ Excellent presenter and presentation.”

Liza is wonderful and energetic. She is an exceptional person, and fun. Her workshops are great and helpful.”

“There is no way to improve this session. Liza is wonderful and so vivacious. It was so helpful to me. Lots of information. She gets so excited about what she believes.”

“Super job!”

“Great work guys! You did a fantastic job and I had a blast. I enjoyed all of the exercises! Fantastic!”

“Wonderful, refreshing, fulfilling, liberating, awesome!”