Breathe in Life

Breathe in Life Sample

Transitioning, dying, letting go is not something that we easily allow with grace. My father had a long releasing process. Although a man of great faith, he did not want to leave his wife of 66 years. One day, driving home from the hospital where he was lying in great pain, words came rushing to me that could serve as a roadmap and a reminder. I pulled over to the side of the road and started writing.

What if we could sink into the remembrance of where we are going? What if, at the time the work of our bodies is complete, we could remember how we are loved and have loved? This CD is offered to those whose work on this earth is nearing an end. It is offered as assistance to the birthing” of the essence of who they are into a place of peace. It serves as a reminder to family and friends that they, too, have loved and been loved.

Possible uses for this CD:

  • Play it for the person I love
  • To open discussion with family members & medical personnel
  • For myself as a reminder of the gift of releasing
  • Anytime when relaxation is desired as a release from anxiety, sleeplessness, stress or fear.

“Liza Ely’s gentle, velvety way of speaking–beautifully synchronized with Dirje’s soulful cello music–reflects a deep well of caring, inner peace, calm, and safety. I could listen to this voice all day long.”
Marguerite Chandler

“Your voice is SO soothing. The meditation left me feeling reassured and at peace. Your love shines through and will bless.”
Susan Clonts

“When I listened to the CD, I was resistant at first.  Then, I lay down, closed my eyes, and eased into it.  Toward the end I was shedding some tears and felt an empathy with life ending peacefully.  The effect was quite moving.”
Bonnie Hardaway

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