Just do it!

I love it when others are inspired and make things happen!  Barb Cordell shared this beautiful story. It is such a reminder that there is no one right way to have a Celebration Circle and to just make it happen now for someone you love.

After attending a Circle of Celebration, facilitated by Liza, for a dear friend of mine, I decided to do something for/with my 93 year old father. A long time ago, my father heard my sister and me sing “How Great Thou Art” as I played the guitar. So for the last forty years off and on, he has said he wants us to sing that song at his funeral (actually memorial service because he wants to be cremated). Anyway, last weekend, I drove to Houston, got my guitar and my sister and told her, “I want to sing this song for Daddy while he’s still alive – I don’t want to wait until he’s gone and can’t hear it with his ears!”

We drove to his house – and miraculously (smile) had him all to ourselves (quite unusual). I told him the same thing, “Daddy we want you to hear this now”. I can’t tell you how precious it was to see him cup his ears (he’s hard of hearing) and close his eyes to concentrate fully on our singing. By the end of the song, he had tears streaming down his face. The three of us hugged and said how much we love each other. Thank you Liza for teaching us this gift!  Barb

Thank you, Barb, for stepping up for your dad and for sharing with the rest of us!

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