Keeping it Simple

It has been awhile since I have made an entry here. As with most of us, I seemed to have allowed myself to become bogged down with so many of life’s happenings. AND, as the holiday season is upon us, I am also reminded this is an ideal time to remember and celebrate one another.

What a perfect time to create a Celebration Circle for our loved ones as we are more likely to be gathered as family and friends. Most of the examples that I have shared on creating a circle are more formalized, with the honoree being the center of attention.

But, what if the honoree is uncomfortable being in that kind of role? How can we still let him/ her know that their presence in our lives made an impact? How do we let them know their life has mattered?

How about this as a possibility? Let’s say there is a gathering of family and friends. Without an official “announcement” to the honoree, all others present can have an agreement to create a one-on-one opportunity to share stories of meaning with their loved one. There can be a casual “rotation,” interspersed with times of eating, games and/or group sharing. The honoree does not have the discomfort of being the “center of attention,” yet still has the opportunity to hear ways that her life has touched others.

Another idea was shared during a recent presentation on the message of Celebration Circles. (One of the reasons I love sharing this message to groups is I learn so much!) The grandmother was given the gift of a beautiful box. Inside the box were letters, stories, and pictures all about her life and what she meant to those who loved her. Each day she could pick a new note and be reminded that her life mattered and that she was not alone. What a memorable Christmas gift!

I repeat my message of remembering there is no one “right way” to celebrate one another. Just do it….now, now, now!

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