Conscious Acts of Grace

Conscious Acts of Grace are those touches, words, and actions that let our loved ones know we are there for them at the end of their physical life. They are the acts of unselfishness, of forgiveness, of kindness, and compassion. They are the acts of highest love that allow us to release someone from our physical world, out of their pain and tiredness. They are acts of grace that allow for ease, caring, luminosity, and bliss.

This book is offered as a model, a reminder, an awakening of what we know to be true. “Death” is as much a part of life as birth. Yes, we will miss our loved one. Yes, we need to allow for grief. And, yes, we can make a conscious decision to be with our loved one in a place of pure love and generosity.

Giving forgiveness and permission to our loved ones is the ultimate gift of love. It means verbally expressing to them that you will be safe and will be at peace. It means letting them know that you will celebrate with them the gifts of the life they lived and what they brought to your world.
This book is a collection of just such stories. It is a reminder of how to be with one another in a place of holy love. You are invited to join us on this journey of Conscious Acts of Grace.

Part of the proceeds are donated to Hospice Education Institute.

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Invitation to Readers

Sample story #1

Sample story #2

Acts of Support

Readers Comments

“I did not want to read your book. A dear friend gave it to me and I told her I had enough that was depressing in my life, and I didn’t need to read a depressing book. However, I agreed to give it a try.

Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I have never read anything to compare to it. Everyone should read it and I have told several friends about it. Thank you so much for writing such a great book.”

Carol Langford

“Your book gives us a way to ‘hold’ the dying process as a huge opportunity for loving-kindness and gratitude – a cultural road map that tells us how to proceed in the face of this ultimate mystery.”

Marguerite Chandler, Accredited Life Coach

“A refreshing view on the inevitable process of transition from our physical form…normalizing and honoring this event with the same presence and love we offer a newborn baby. It offers great insight!”

Christy McLeod, Licensed Professional Counselor

“I found the personal stories to be very moving and liked the way they were interspersed with the lists and quotes. This book helps a terminal patient as well as care-givers and family members. The materials hospice gave me did not come close to the guidance and inspiration levels that your book offers. I’ve recommended it to several people. ”

Bonnie Hardaway

The lessons are profound, not only for the dying, but also for the living. When I hear you take care of yourself so you can just be there for someone without fixing or changing their reality I had a true” ah- ha ” moment . All too often we do not honor the space between thought and action. like a painter the space between two objects is many times more important than the objects themselves, that is where God speaks to us. Honor the space!

Deborah Papathanasiou

Liza, congratulations on a book that flooded my heart and spirit with love!

Belinda Kennedy

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