Weddings and Celebration Circles

One of Liza’s greatest joys is to help create and to facilitate sacred rituals to commemorate those landmark events in our life. These events can allow for meaning, celebration, memories, healing, and bring a greater holiness to our personal and greater world.



Create a wedding experience that you will treasure forever.

“It is my belief that your wedding is a sacred and holy event that should reflect your uniqueness as individuals and as a couple.  Let me help you create a memory that you will hold in your heart always.”

Liza is available to guide you in creating your ceremony of union.  As a former Licensed Professional Counselor and couple’s counselor, she firmly values the couple being proactive in establishing a solid and deep foundation for their partnership.  She believes that even more time and commitment should be placed on the relationship than the other components of the wedding event.  She provides pre-marital guidance and gives you several relationship inventories and tools.

Liza can guide you in the exploration of relationship issues so that you have a greater understanding of yourself as individuals and as a couple.  She also provides you with a booklet with ideas and suggestions for planning your ceremony.



Let your loved ones know how they are treasured and appreciated while they are still present in your life. Create a Celebration Circle.