Celebration Circles

A Living Tribute to our Loved Ones

Have you ever experienced the deep sadness that comes from having left something unsaid to a loved one? Have you ever attended a memorial service and said you wished your loved one could have been there to hear all of the stories and the endearing things said about him/her?

Have you ever heard a loved one question the impact of his/her life? Do you sometimes question if you have made a difference for others with your life?

Have you ever wished you had said, “I love you” one more time?

Make it happen!

Today is the day to create a loving, living tribute to your loved one.

A Celebration Circle is a gathering of family and friends to share stories and experiences with our loved ones while they are still with us. They get to hear, “My life is different because you ____” They get to hear, “Your presence made a difference in our world.”

You will participate in an action group that will take you from concept to completion of your first Celebration Circle. Join with others who share your passion of wanting to create this final tribute for your loved ones while they are still alive. You will be guided step by step, as I hold your hand through the process. You will also have the added bonus of the support, insights, ideas, and sharing of your action group via conference telephone calls.

Week One: You will acquire a deeper understanding of a Celebration Circle and its impact.

Identify the Celebrant.

Identify your local team members.

Week Two: Create the vision of your Celebration Circle.

Identify all of the variables involved, using the provided worksheet.

End with the plan of your own step-by-step process.

Week Three: Evaluate where you are and any challenges.

Identify any last minute needs before the actual ceremony.

Learn facilitation skills for guiding a successful group.

Week Four: Sharing of successes.

You have just spent three weeks supporting one another in individual visions. Now let’s join together in joyful reunion in sharing stories of the rewarding experience. Share the meaning and new understandings. You will leave with even more ideas of making the process come alive for the planning of any future Celebration Circles.

You are now a part of an ever-expanding Celebration Circle.

Congratulations and Thank You!


Fee: $69. Includes participation in the four coaching sessions with your action group, a PDF workbook, Liza’s book Conscious Acts of Grace, CD Breathe in Life and the satisfaction that you made a notable difference.

Cancellation policy: Full refund 1 week prior to first meeting, if the book and CD have not been mailed. Refund of $49 one week prior to first meeting, if materials have been mailed. If for any reason the group does not make, you will receive a full refund.

If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the process, you will receive a full refund, minus materials ($49).

Steps to participation:

    1. Determine date by contacting Liza at liza@centerofwellbeing.com (put Action Group in subject) or calling 903.469.3454
    2. Pay for the action group, Conscious Acts of Grace, Breathe in Life CD.

Or, mail check to Liza Ely, P.O. Box 1421, Lindale, TX 75771.

With check, be sure to include contact information.

  1. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with details of participation.