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You know those great little Flip cameras that allow even us amateurs to take movies, download, and edit? What amazing opportunities technology has brought to us!

I was encouraged to purchase one to put clips on my blog page (stay tuned!). I also want to be able to record the Celebration Circle we are going to do for the elder in Honduras so I can post it as well. (Now is time to sign up for this remarkable experience! See my home page.)

So, I unpackaged and started exploring the camera. Although I always prefer not to, I even read the instructions. There is a center area with arrows, similar to a TV remote, for moving up down and sideways with options. I pushed, I prodded, I tried to fit my finger into this narrow space to get the desired settings and commands. No luck. I wondered, was the camera defective? Was it designed to only be workable for people with long and strong fingernails to fit in that small space? I could not believe they would make it this hard!

I decided to take it into the store for instructions. The young male salesman took it from my hands and quickly and easily showed me that the center ball rolled. Rather than pushing on the black up/down/sideway arrows, all I had to do was gently roll the center ball into the desired direction.

I laughed out loud!

Then, I wondered, how many other areas in my life I am “pushing” when all I have to do is “roll”?

“This is how I have always done this when holding a similar button, so it has to work the same in this circumstance.” When it doesn’t, do I blame the other person or situation, making them wrong, or defective?

Are there any areas of your life where it is time to stop pushing and to start rolling?