Lazy days of summer

Am I in the “lazy days of summer?” Does somehow my brain still, after all of these years, associate summer as time off? I find myself having less energy and motivation. Thankfully, I am getting ready to be infused with amazing energy!

Last year I attended an international woman’s conference with 3,000 other women. I came home inspired and energized by the commitment to excellence. I have never been in the presence of so many (mostly) women who are all committed to supporting each other to fulfill not only their professional goals, but to live a life of quality and meaning.

I am preparing to leave to attend the 2010 eWomenNetwork conference again in Dallas next week. For the first time, I will hear Zig Ziglar! I will again hear Lisa Nichols, who had all of us on our feet with cheers and tears last year. I am excited to be on a panel myself, sharing my writing/ publishing process for Conscious Acts of Grace. I am grateful for the commitment of so many folks for making this opportunity possible. I am counting on coming home “on fire.”

What infuses you? How can you bring those opportunities into your world?

(For more information on this year’s conference, see

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