How do YOU do it?

We have so much to learn! When I spoke at an international conference, I met a woman from Africa. I asked her how death was viewed in her culture.

First she rolled her eyes. She then stated that she did not understand the perspective she has so often seen in the United States. She said “You act as if death is wrong and should not happen.” She went on to say that in her village they see that everyone is born, everyone follows the path of their life, and everyone dies. They view death as the natural progression of life. When someone they love dies, they celebrate them, sharing what they liked and didn’t like about the person.

In October I will be hosting a twelve hour retreat on the message of Conscious Acts of Grace at Upachaya Island Retreat Center on the Carribean Island of Roatan, Honduras. As a group of up to 10 participants, we will have the opportunity to fully understand and absorb the “tools” and understandings relating to peace around end of life.

I am most excited about the opportunity to learn more about how the end of life is experienced in this culture, and what we can learn and share. The owners of the retreat center are identifying an elder from the nearby village for our group to create a Celebration Circle. At the end of our week together, on that Friday night, we will host a Celebration Circle for the elder.

If you want a deep and rich experience, as well as renewing and relaxing opportunity, join us! See the home page for more information.

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  1. Good stuff Liza. Sure did enjoy reading about this….love your use of words and colorful descriptions. This training is mostly for professionals in counseling and psychology…right? Or is it the type of training that it would be appropriate for others to participate in too?

  2. Thank you, Jim! This is for everybody! It is my mission for us to move from suffering around loss to experiencing peace, with no regrets. And, for everyone to have the opportunity of a celebration circle! I can’t do that alone and need lots of help! I would love it if y’all could be a part of this adventure.

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