Taking the Courageous Step!

Seeing our loved ones in pain and knowing it is time to let go is so hard. Sometimes we want to avoid the situation all together. It takes courage to be present! I share the following story of a brave woman, who now has no regrets:

Thank you for yesterday! It was a miracle how events unfolded. I got to the hospital and didn’t want to see mother. I sat outside the ICU for several hours crying. After settling down and it wasn’t visitation time the doors opened up into ICU and without thinking about it I walked in. They didn’t ask me to leave, but had me wash my hands. I easily found mother. When I put my hand on her she opened her eyes for the first time and looked at me. The rest of my family shortly followed what I did. They couldn’t believe I did that. After some time they asked all my family members to leave, but never said anything to me. I stepped back out of the way for awhile and when things settled down around mother. I stepped back to her and stayed with her another hour. They never asked me to leave. She was aware that I was there the whole time. I could see she was afraid and hurting. It breaks my heart that they are keeping her alive.

TWO days later
I was with mother to the very end. It was a beautiful experience. The last hour we went to my special place together and watched the grandchildren play in the water. We remembered when her children were born. We walked together in heaven. She let me know (without words) that she would always be with me and she understood that I would be with her as soon as she went to sleep, because there is no time in heaven. Then Dona started talking to her letting her know it was O.K. to let go and I laid my head on her other shoulder for the last 20 minutes and held her hand. I felt her relax as she left her body. It is because of our session that I was able to do that. Thank you!

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  1. Such a nice story Liza – thoughtful and kind. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks for reading, Jim!

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